Fast, cheap, and connected.
Meet USDC on Stellar.

One of the world’s fastest-growing dollar digital currencies meets the power of the Stellar network.

Banks, fintechs and exchanges can now leverage the infrastructure, speed, and low cost of the Stellar network to access a truly global digital dollar, USD Coin (USDC). Purpose-built for payments, the Stellar network delivers and instantly exchanges the world’s digital currencies, at scale.

USDC on Stellar: Built for Global Payments

USDC on Stellar leverages the efficiency and reach of the Stellar network to power innovative financial services for your institution. With the help of trusted partners, you can enable low-cost, near instant payments with finality and access new users and projects using USDC on Stellar’s payment rails.
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Banks & Fintechs

Leverage USDC on Stellar to offer customers worldwide faster, cheaper payment services.

Enable Real-time Payments

Power global payments 24/7 and settle transactions in a matter of seconds with finality.

Activate New Payment Corridors

Connect to a growing network of companies leveraging USDC on Stellar for cross-border payments, remittances and more.

Break Into New Markets

Partner with on & off ramps across the globe to enable fiat pay-in/pay-out to new and existing customers.

ON STellar

Payments Quantity
Payments Volume

Exchanges & Wallets

Expand access to innovating payment solutions.

Upgrade Your Payment Offerings

Offer users new payment solutions powered by USDC, including dollar accounts and in-app payments.

Expand Your User Base

Onboard users exchanging USDC for physical cash and back at participating MoneyGram locations across the globe.

Deliver Low Cost Transactions

Reduce transaction fees and enable dollar-denominated P2P payments.

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Connect to Circle’s APIs to access Stellar USDC, a fully-reserved dollar digital currency.

Ecosystem Companies

Access additional services for your Stellar USDC offering.


See who's building with USDC on Stellar

MoneyGram empowers users with cash-to-crypto financial services, helping them convert from physical cash to USDC right from their wallet.
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Coinme provides users with an access point for cash-to-crypto on/off ramps using USDC on Stellar.
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Bitso uses USDC on Stellar to enable millions of users to on-and off-ramp between USD and MXN.
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Fonbnk offers an on-ramp for mobile-first, cash-based economies using prepaid airtime and USDC on Stellar.
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