Quarterly Reports

Every quarter, we release a comprehensive report that outlines SDF’s achievements, spanning from network updates to ecosystem developments to advocacy in policy and regulation.

The purpose of this report is to track SDF’s progress along its roadmap. In 2023, utility is the growth exponent for the Stellar network. With delivering utility as the guiding principle, SDF will focus its efforts against three building blocks: 1) making innovation easy and scalable, 2) winning over builders, and 3) focusing on utility to build trust.

Q2 2023

To measure and assess growth of the network over time, SDF tracks and compares a select group of metrics YoY to their previous years' equivalents:

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Quarterly Reports Overview

SDF is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create equitable access to the global financial system. SDF has no shareholders, no dividends, and no profit motive. Anyone can observe SDF's live accounting and progress towards its stated goals, more or less in real time. Refer to the mandate page for more details.