Sharing knowledge across the globe

Stellar Next-Gen

At the Stellar Development Foundation, we believe education plays an important role in helping Stellar be the blockchain people know and trust. To foster the growth and development of tomorrow's business leaders and developers, SDF collaborates with universities and other educational institutions worldwide to support and promote educational efforts that further SDF's Mission to create equitable access to the global financial system.

Our work with universities

As blockchain and fintech become more and more prevalent, many colleges and universities are preparing their students for this paradigm shift in internet applications. SDF attempts to provide support to them in a way that suits their students' needs, including but not limited to: offering guest lectures, helping students create projects on Stellar, and assisting in adding blockchain, and specifically, Stellar content to their curricula. Current academic relationships include:

Education and community

In addition to universities, SDF also works with organizations focused on bringing blockchain education and events to students in order to further adoption and create inclusive communities. In collaboration with these organizations, SDF hosts workshops, provides speakers for events, and/or sponsors hackathons.