Stellar Matching Fund

SDF offers the Matching Fund as an investment track within the Enterprise Fund for earlier stage companies (pre-Series B) interested in building on Stellar. We will match investments raised from outside investors of up to $500,000 USD and process deals through an expedited diligence process.

This allows us more co-investment opportunities in companies with investors from around the world and helps us to grow the number of companies we can support.

All investment decisions will be made in SDF’s sole and exclusive discretion.  Below are the minimum requirements to be eligible for consideration of a Matching Fund investment:   


1). Raise Capital: Secure a lead investor and submit your term sheet.
  • Funds will be matched 1:1 up to $500K (minimum check size: $200K).
  • Lead should be a professional/experienced investor who has made a similar type of investment within the last 12 months. 
  • Any existing SDF grants will be cancelled prior to receiving a Matching Fund investment.
2). Stellar Scope: Submit 1 page integration scope to be performed within 1 year of investment close.
  • Company’s proposal must use Stellar in a meaningful way that aligns with the mission of SDF.
  • Proposals from companies already building on Stellar must demonstrate a new or expanded use of Stellar.
  • Company works with SDF to finalize integration scope.
3). Basic Screening: Submit business and legal diligence materials and pass screening with SDF.
  • Screening interview to be conducted by at least two SDF members.

How to Apply

To be considered for a Matching Fund investment, please complete the application form below. SDF will review applications and respond expeditiously if there is interest in moving forward. You will then be invited to submit standard diligence materials and be scheduled for an interview.

1. Please submit the following documents:

  • Term sheet or SAFE from lead investor
  • Fundraising deck
  • Proposed Stellar Integration
         ○ Detailed explanation of your proposed integration with Stellar and bullet pointed list of the product scope
         ○ Estimated transaction volume, AUM, or # of wallets for Stellar assets
         ○ Statement of why you are building on Stellar and the value your company brings to the Stellar ecosystem

2. Please answer the following questions:

  • How much are you planning to raise this round? 
  • How much do you want to raise from SDF? (min: $200K, max: $500K)
  • When is the target close date?
  • Please list all investors who are participating in this round. Include the name, amount, and status of the investment.

Ready to Apply? 

Please send an email with the documents and answers to above questions to matchingfund@stellar.org. Only complete applications will be considered.