Stellar for Asset Tokenization

Tokenize real-world value on the network built for asset issuance.

With Stellar, you can easily create, issue, and manage digital representations of fiat and real world assets. Tokenize value from CBDCs, stablecoins, securities and more, and leverage Stellar’s built-in customizable features and compliance tools to help meet your organization's use case and standards.

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Create. Issue. Manage.

Leverage the power and flexibility of Stellar to add digital assets to your product set. From stablecoins to CBDCs and more, you can represent financial products and real-world assets digitally on Stellar, enabling your customers to access your assets 24/7, quickly, and at a low cost.

Expand Your Offerings

Offer new fiat-denominated digital assets to customers around the world.

Program Your Assets

Harness built-in programmatic features for asset control, to meet your compliance needs.

Enable Real-Time Payments

Power global payments 24/7 and settle transactions in a matter of seconds with finality.

Built for Asset Tokenization

 See the native platform features that make Stellar the network optimized for asset issuance.


Transactions on Stellar confirm in just seconds.

Low Cost

The average cost per transaction on Stellar is just $0.000005 per operation.

Compliance and Controls

Built-in account level features enable custom asset controls, such as KYC, Freeze and Clawback functionality.


Efficient by design, Stellar’s low energy consumption makes it one of the most sustainable blockchains.

Quick to Market

Leverage Stellar’s built-in DEX, robust tooling, and network of trusted service providers to get to market with ease. 


Transactions on Stellar can reliably scale to meet your business needs.

How It Works

Issue an asset on Stellar in as little as 4 steps.

Create an issuing account.


Create a distribution account.


Establish a trustline for your asset.


Send a payment using your new asset.


Stellar Asset Sandbox

The Stellar Asset Sandbox makes it easier than ever to explore issuing an asset on Stellar. In a simple-to-use interface, you can issue, mint and burn new assets on the Stellar testnet, no code required.
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View the resources below to learn more.

Asset Tokenization Guidebook

View the step-by-step guide to issuing assets on the Stellar network.

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CBDC Whitepaper

View our whitepaper concerning issuing CBDCs on the Stellar network.

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Developer Documentation

Browse the developer docs to learn more.

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Integration Partners

Find trusted service providers that can support your business with issuing an asset on Stellar.

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